Bell Creek Band

Bell Creek Band is one of western Colorado’s premier variety cover bands. The shows songs are from all generations and genres. Hit songs that you have enjoyed singing along and dancing to for years, from classic rock and country music to blues, R&B and Latino selections, something for every body.
The acts lineup showcases female and male vocals that are rich with harmonies and great solo performances. Add in a brass horn section featuring saxophones, trombone and flute and that bring exciting elements to many songs. This is a great feel-good family friendly show.
The members include George Hubert Lawhorn, Lenore Cambria, Ellen Hutto, JB Cook and Tony Peters. Do not miss an opportunity to see The Bell Creek Band.

Meet The Bell Creek Band Members

a man with a beard and a hat on
a man with a beard and a hat on

George "Hubert Blues" Lawhorn

Lenore Cambria

Tony Peters

Ellen Hutto

Jason Cook

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